Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress report and problems

We have constructed the development environment for Android.
At first, we agree to use C# instead of Java because we are more familiar with Visual Studio. We installed Mono for Android and completed the Hello World program. It seemed smooth. While problem raised when we tried to write OpenGL ES 2.0 program. We wrote a simple triangle shader. But this program crashed with no reason on the Android emulator, no matter which version we were using.
After that, we decided to turn to Java instead. So we took some time on installing Eclipse and its Android components. We also traslated our simple GLES 2.0 program into Java. But the program still crash on emulator.
After strugglling for two days. I found this link online: Which means OpenGl ES 2.0 is NOT supported on existing emulator! This is the worst news for us since we don't have a android cellphone.
So we decide to borrow an Android cellphone from our classmates and make sure all the shaders can work correctly. Than we can concentrate on the coding for GLSL shader for depth of field.


  1. I'm ok with you guys using Java instead of C#. Make sure to get a GL ES 2 example running on the phone sooner rather than later.

  2. Check out this WebGL Field demo. It does depth of field and has a GUI for configuring it (click on the asterisk to the right of "lots"). Since WebGL is based on OpenGL ES 2, you should find this example useful.